This is where I’d put my armrest… IF I HAD ONE!


I’m a guy that doesn’t need alot of extras and options in his car – power windows, central locking, AC …. meh.
This one is a major goodie tho.

If you use your e28 for long distance trips and travels you will definetly love this. It would be neat to be able to find a stock armrest on every other donor car or at the local breakers, but unfortunately this is not the case…
There is hope though  – please continue reading.

Here’s what I did today in a couple of E-Z steps:

Step one – remove your dusty old stock e28 armrest (IF YOU HAD ONE):


Step two – check out the mounting bracket:


Step three – get the awesome (godlike) e28goodies e34 armrest adapter:


Step four – install it in less than 32 seconds:


Step five – admire it for a while:


Step six – compare with old bracket:


Step seven – reinstal plastic covering:




Step eight – finally install previously reupholstered e34 armrest:




Step nine – check out how all of the five positions of the adjustable armrest align:

IMG_9842 IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9845 IMG_9846

Step ten – admire your vehicle’s new button:



In conclusion the e28goodies e34 armrest adapters are a cool solution if you want to have the easy to find adjustable BMW armrests for your comfort seats.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post brought you inspiration and positive vibes!

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  1. Is this available for right hand drive cars & will it work on previously armrest-less recaros?

    • Stanislav Todorov

      Hey Simon, yes – the adapters will work with RHD cars, but not with recaros – only comfort seat configuration.

  2. Will there so work on an m535i? Car didn’t came with arm rests from factory

  3. Are these offered in cardinal leather? Thanks!

    • For now we manufacture only the steel adapters, but if you provide a leather sample we can find a close match and sourse a set to be reupholstered.

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