[DIY] Fitting e28goodies chrome/shadowline window trim

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There is a common thing between the BMW oem window trim and Victoria Secret underwear. They both are good when new, but they are expensive.

So back then, this was one of our first goodies.
We digged out few, various models of an after market trims and after bunch of trials and errors, we found the perfect one for a retrofit.
Well almost, because it needs slight modification taking 5 minutes and the only needed special tool is … sharp cutter.
Built not bought, right ?

People usually figured it out themselves, but in case you didn’t try to fit square pegs into round holes as a kid, please read the following.

What’s all about. 

Here is an example of the profiles of the BMW OEM front/rear window trim (left) and our replacement versions. Shadowline ( middle) and chrome (right).
Replacements are basically same thing, but in two color options. This DIY applies to both of them, no matter of the color. 


The differences. 

The BMW OEM is 12 mm wide Capture

And our replacements are narrower with 1 mm.

Capture1 Capture2


Also, replacements got a tiny, little side еdge that need to be shred down with a basic cutter so it can match perfectly the window moulding of your beloved e28.


There is a line that makes the procedure really simple. Just follow it and slide the knife all the way down.


4.38 minutes later (Remember ? You just have to slide a knife over a couple meters long plastic strip) your roll of brand new and fresh chrome/shadowline trim should look like this :




Before & After. And no, cutting the side wall down WILL not turn your shadowline trim into chrome and opposite. It’s just visual representation.


Fitting. Front or rear window. It’s all the same.
It was snowy, i was in a hurry to write this, please don’t mind the look of our rusty model. 

Pop out the end of the old trim using a flat screwdriver


and pull it out.


And here comes the advantage of the narrower trim. Less friction.
Stick the end of the replacement trim into the rubber.


Push it. (Hint #1 – Use non aggresive lubricant for the duct where trim goes into the rubber. It will slide easier. Cherry flavor works best.  )


You can overcome the curves by using a flat screwdriver to stick the edges right in.
( Hint #2 – Install the trim on hot weather / heated garage. Cold makes rubber to shrink = more effort than usual)

Capture1 Capture4

A nice and clean new trim, fitted and looking just right.



If you think spending few minutes on modifying a looking-as-original moulding on a roughly 1/5 of the price of the oem one is worth the effort, congratulations – you have a common sense and you are probably above average intelligence. We will be glad to take and ship your order and you can join the community of the glad and satisfied e28goodies customers (reference – feedbacks at our “About us” page ).





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