302/22/60 mm sporty front brakes kit.


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We’ve made this kit for our m57 diesel swap project. Some weeks after that we’ve launched our e38 4 pot brembo adapters for e28 and that changed our plans.
The kit is nice upgrade and absolutely bolt on to any e28. Installation doesn’t require any modifications.
Why you should have this – read here.

The slots in the rotor allow an escape route for the built-up gases. This allows more of the brake pad’s surface area to contact the rotor, resulting in better pad bite and more consistent stops. A rotor that runs cooler (cross-drilled) combined with one that maintains a clean contact surface between itself and the brake pad (slotted), when not pushed beyond its thermal threshold, can provide an extra bit of security and durability.

Kit includes :
– 2 x 60mm e34 front brake calipers – sandblasted and powdercoated in a color of your choice. OEM # 34111160367 (left) 34111160368  (right)
– 2 x e34 brake calipers supports – sandblasted and powdercoated in a color of your choice. OEM # 34111160366
– 2 x e34 brake calipers pad clips – sandblasted and powdercoated in a color of your choice. OEM # 34111157687
– 2 x 60mm e34 front brake calipers repair kits. Made by Auto Fren . Replacement for OEM # 34111157037
– 2 x 302mmx22mm Ventilated brake rotors, drilled and slotted. Made by Kinetix. Replacement for OEM # 34111160936
– Set of brake pads for 60mm e34 front brake calipers with 302mmx22mm rotors. Made by Mintex. Replacement for OEM # 34111162535

Optional :
+ Pair of brand new brake hoses. Replacement for OEM # 34321156157
+ Installation of the brand new repair kits components.


Everything is brand new in boxes, we just unpackaged the items so we could snap few pictures. Calipers are sandblasted and powdercoated in Blue ( so they could match the color of our Minerva blue m57 project ) You can receive them as they are or we could respray them in a color of your choice for free. Just let us know what color you prefer at the purchase notes. We could also include pair of  brand new front brake hoses or install the brand new repair kits components for a small fee.

Painted bolts and pistons on the pictures are temporary solution which prevents paint penetration into the threads and/or caliper chambers.

Attention : After installing this kit you will no longer be able to use 14 inches rims on the front.