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Becker Traffic Pro [Car Audio]


We were thinking for a long time what would be the best radio to suit the e28. We experimented with a lot units including Nakamichi  and the reborn VDO-continental. Not our thing (that’s why we wouldn’t bother to mention the double din radios at all) . Modern after market players just doesn’t match the car’s era and the oem ones got limited capabilities on playing music from sources that we’re using nowadays.

So here it is. The perfect and affordable solution for every car audio enthusiast.The Becker traffic pro series. Simple design, looks oem and matching the e28 interior tones, magnificent sound and boatload of sound settings, upgrade options.

Becker traffic pro highlights or why you should go with this for your e28:

– The famous Becker sound quality.
– CD player
– Folding/Removable front panel
– Satellite navigation. (Available only if the unit is equipped with the accessory : gps antenna)
– Digital compass displayed on the right end of the display (Available only if the unit is equipped with the accessory : gps antenna)
– Tons of audio and radio settings.
– Dual-color LCD display and buttons illumination – Yellow & Red
– Night mode ( Switching from Positive to Negative while headlights are on, function can be disabled and preferred option could be used as a standard setting)
– Gal setting ( adjusting volume according to vehicle’s speed)
– Supports power antenna
– Support phone calls * (Available only if the unit is equipped with the accessory : digital changer )
– Supports mp3s from USB device (Available only if the unit is equipped with the accessory : digital changer )
– Supports subwoofer and amplifier remote.

We’ve made a special selection of used units that are in a mint condition, and by mint condition we mean :

– Perfectly Working units with working, intact buttons and brand new knobs ( most of the used units are coming with original knobs that are with peeling rubber or  falling appart)
– Clean and working display ( no burnt pixels or display “bleed” )
– Working cd player
– Unit that supports 3x mini iso at the back – yellow, green and blue for some of the accessories.

With every purchase you would receive the Becker Traffic pro e28 starter kit:

– Becker Traffic Pro series unit.
– Radio code
– Radio Aerial adapter
– Universal ISO Car Radio harness.
– Mini iso  to cinch [Subwoofer]
Online user’s manual [pdf]

Each unit can be upgraded with the following brand new accessories:

Green & blue mini iso connector to  digital changer. The digital changer supports AUX and USB. It  recognizes the USB as a physical cd changer. The usb drive should be up to 16gb, it could contain 6 folders with a maximum of 99 songs per folder. No limit of the file size. The AUX is used for playing music straight from another device. It could be used as a hands free.
GPS Antenna +  web link where the Becker software/maps cds could be downloaded ( Please keep in mind the original maps cds are extremely hard to find and we cannot send the original cds with every unit . Those cds can be used only if you intend to use the navi system or the digital compass . You can use the navi system and digital compass only if your unit is equipped with the gps antenna.)

Additional detailed information and technical date could be found in the Becker traffic pro user manual available in our Library

Terms and conditions : 
Please be advised those are previously used units. Despite of our effort to source the best looking units, some minor marks, scratches, imperfections or other signs of previous ownership might exist. We don’t keep the accessories in stock and by ordering any one of them the waiting times to receive them from our suppliers are the following :
Yellow mini iso to cinch, Universal ISO Car Radio harness, Radio Aerial adapter – 1-2 working days
Green and blue iso to  digital changer. 2-4 working days
GPS Antenna – up to 30 working days