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Bosch high performance fuel pump 0 580 254 044 = 200 L/h @ 5bar.


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You are looking at a very popular choice for a high performance engine builders, no matter if it’s a tuned N/A, high boosted M30 or a racing powerplant, having a reliable fuel supply is essential. Not to mention, that on forced induction engines any drops in the fuel pressure can be devastating, thus no compromise should be made in that field.

If your project demands it, more than one fuel pump can be combined to obtain the desired result.

If your project demands it – ethanol blend fuels can be used (see datasheet!)

Full specifications can be found here.

Interchangeable OEM numbers:

256612 FERRARI
94 65 00 17 FERRARI

993 620 104 80 PORSCHE

Please note that we can provide high performance injectors (Bosch and Siemens DEKA) with up to 1000cc/m flow, compatible with bio-fuels.