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Colored alloy blank key.


It’s super light – Weights only 8 grams.
It’s super thin – Fits backpokets without making you feel uncomfortable.
It’s super cool – You can color match it with your car. Or with your shirt …
…and shipping is free.

Made by CEA, Italy (those guys are like BMW in the automotive key business) these keys offers reability and awesome design. The special alloy composition guarantee over a 400 000 uses, before the key need to be replaced.
If you lock/unlock/doors/trunk/ignite the car 100 times a day, 365 days a year, it will pass over 11 years before you’ll need new key.
Coloring last long and it’s not peeling off after first 3000 uses so far ( tested and approved by e28goodies ).

Available in 5 colors : Dark green, Estoril blue, Dark red, Purple and Gold.

The only thing you will need after purchasing this is a locksmith, who will have to dublicate your current key on this blank and after that you can just retire the old key as a spare.

Suitable for e21, e30, e12, e28, e24 & e23.
And your girl probably will like it too.

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