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Your Custom е28 stainless muffler


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Right, so we’re working with people that are really good at welding – MIG&TIG
(look at our pretty damn good engine mounts)

And since moisture and years are killing the stock exhaust parts we’ve decided to add this super epic feature to where you have a chance to order a custom muffler by your own specs.

You can pick the number of INs (1 or 2) and the count of OUTs ( 1 or 2 )
Also you can pick your own diameter – Just name it. We can do everything up to 55mm (outside diameter).

Pictures are visual representation of your new exhaust.
Email us for more info.

Use the order notes to let us know the number and size (outside diameter) of intlets and outlets.
Example : 2 in 50mm , 2 out 50 mm /// 1 in 40 mm , 2 out 55 mm  etc.

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