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Heat insulating pads for your M30 intake manifold


Have you noticed that your car doesn’t perform consistently and in the same manner at all times ? On some runs while still a bit cold it runs great, or while driving out of town it feels really alive, but sometimes it just numbs out and  fails to bring that smile which makes it all worth it.
The reasons for these variations in performance can be numerous, but one thing is for sure – your engine will always be able to provide greater output when it runs on colder air. Modern engines employ plastic manifolds and heat soak is vastly reduced, but your trusty M30 has the cast aluminum intake, and aluminum being one of the best heat conducting materials means that a great deal of heat goes from your cylinder head (at about 90 degrees centigrade more or less) into your engine’s air passages.

We’ve seen them on a lot of Japan made engines who suffer the same issue, and their solution is pretty simple, behold:

The heat insulating pad set for the M30 intake manifold is here!

We have used 8mm thick textolite that will not degrade under the influence of fuel and oil vapors, while providing enough separation and insulation between the cylinder head and the intake manifold.

The product is suitable for both naturally aspirated and supercharged engines.

One set includes six pads enough for one engine.

The kit includes also mounting studs with the extra length needed to accomodate the insulation.

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