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High beam yellow lenses [set of 2]


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Yellow headlights are referred to primarily as “selective yellow”.  The purpose of having yellow headlights is to improve visibility at night by removing blue to violet colors from the wavelength spectrum.  On the color spectrum yellow light has a longer wavelength than blue to violet colors.  The shorter the wavelength the harder it is for the human eye to see.  As a side note, this is why BMW uses redish / orange color for its instrument clusters.  In inclement weather, having a blue or white light shining on rain, fog or snow can cause a glaring effect thus reducing visibility.  Yellow light does not reflect off water as easily as blue thus it can allow the driver to see the road more clearly.

So here is a set of two genuine yellowish glass lenses, which are perfect replacement for your e28/e30/e34/e23.
We’ve selected them over few aftermarket solutions and we promise your chrome/shadowline headlight ring will click with ease after instalation.