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Highbeam yellow lenses (french style).


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During WWII  the French government enacted a law on the 3rd of November, 1936 stating that all vehicles put into production in 1937 are required to have yellow headlights. The French being who they are, didn’t abandon these headlights until 1993 when forced by the European Unions conformity standards. Today, it is illegal to drive in France with yellow headlights unless your car was first registered before 1993.

Anyways lot of people find it attractive to have yellow lights. Most of them take desperate actions like foiling or spraying their lights due lack of yellow lenses. We put end of this madness by introducing you this wonderful set.

Pros.You are going to have better visibility than using foiled/sprayed lights.
Cons. You will encounter some envy of fellow bmw fans.

Fits e28, e34, e32.
Cole, thank you for the picture of your car ! 

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