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M30B34 92.00 / 91.97 mm Std Piston ring set x6 by Kolbenschmidt


You are really getting annoied by the lack of grunt, uneven idle and the not so normal oil consumption?
Maybe this will help:
A set of piston rings for the standart bore size for m30b34 or m30b35 – 92.00 bore / 91.97 piston.

Part number by KS:


OE number:

11 25 1 714 383


This set will also fit with US versions of M30B34 and M30B35 (e32/34 donor), please doublecheck with part number compatibility.

NB! – High compression pistons in repair size +0.50 (92.47) by Mahle are available upon request at 138 eur.- for a piece, complete with piston rings. (It’s never too late to learn to play the piano)