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Front thrust arm polyurethane bushings


As you know poly bushings are greatly reducing the suspension slop caused by worn rubber components.
Vehicle feels way more tighter than before. Perfect cure for all the squeaks and clunks.Leave them in the past.

After our bestseller, the rear axle poly bushings and few trackdays we decided, we should offer a set for the front axle too.
And here it is. The lower arm bushes are made from 75A (red one) and for upper arms is used 80A ( black one).

The range of oem bushings generally varies between 50A and 70A  durometers and that’s not too far away from our bushings, but the main difference is that polyurethane bushings don’t degrade like rubber ones. Rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees, and is much more vulnerable to the effects of heat, chemical contact, and age.Another difference is that rubber twists and deforms, and polyurethane doesn’t.