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We at strive to deliver the best product we can, be it an old and used original part, an aftermarket consumable or a replica made by us. The product here is represented to our best knowledge at the time, any details regarding what is not clearly seen on the posted photos or in the description can be revealed through comunication with us. Any specifics not disclosed in the posts here or through personal inquiry is not subject to refunding or reclaim. Fragile items will have photos before postage, as shipping and customs handling can cause damage which neither the buyer or the seller is at fault or can prevent, claims and solutions in that case are discussed additionally. Any defects or claims are subject of dispute within one week from the date of delivery stated in the postage tracking system. All the photos in the products section are owned by and are not sourced out of internet or any stock photo source. Photos in the products section are a visual representation of the product you will receive, but due to specifics of digital imaging some colours and white balance may cause discrepencies, inspite of our best effort to show things as they are.
Tracking will not be available for goodies marked with free shipping, as non priority post will be used.
If your item is in the post office and you fail to collect it in a certain time, the postal service will return it to its sender – in this case you will not be entitled for a refund on postage charges, or if you still would like to have the item, an additional payment on postage will be required.

Shipping order batches takes place every Friday if the part is in stock. Items that we manufacture will always appear in stock, but some downtime between batches is alwasy possible – please contact us if your project is time sensitive.

Blog posts are sharing and representing our own opinions and thoughts.We do not oblige anyone with them.

Do It Yourself related posts are based on our knowledge and experience over our cars. We are not liable, if any damages occurs over your car, or if you suffer any injuries caused by following our DIYs.

This site does not own the photos used in the front page, they are not in full size or resolution, any claim to take one down will be respected immediately with no other compensation. e28goodies will not pursue any copyrights of photos or information owned by itself, instead we approve usage of it in any form one see fit as long as the watermark on bottom right corner is clearly visible.

Files present on the “Media” section are result of long-term search over the web and collecting various documents. As BMW enthusiasts and fans we wanted to organize that data and give information access to whoever visit our website. Any copyright claims will be respected similairly as mentioned above.

Very important: We are located in Bulgaria, Europe – this means that all the used parts that we sell are for LEFT HAND DRIVE VEHICLES ONLY! Make sure that whatever you buy is interchangeable and fits your car.