The “must-have” budget e28 brake upgrade.

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The e28 is a great car, but if we have to be realistic – it’s a great car with no so great braking system. Well, every rule got its own exceptions, but still it could be way better just with … Continued

Just mounting my skid plate

Although it’s a pretty straight forward process, I thought it would shed some light on the product we’re preparing and the works of it. Have in mind, that this is just a beta – improvement points are already marked and … Continued

Repairing rear window defogger for less than $1.

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So this is real quick and cheap solution. I guess it will work only if you have just few burnt spots of the defogger lines and it’s not completely trashed. Make sure  everything else is fine, you got voltage, everything … Continued

Clear lenses installation /DIY + video/

Few months back we announced our ambitions about making plastic fog lenses replacements AND clear turn lights. And the moment came. Oh you probably know that feeling when you work your ass off and then things just happen smoothly as … Continued

Buying a LSD ? You better read this.

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The purpose of this article is acquisition of basic knowledge about buying used self locking differentials   What is LSD ? It stands for Limited Slip Differential, avoid using that acronym when talking with mom or non car guys. Why … Continued

[DIY] Fitting e28goodies chrome/shadowline window trim

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There is a common thing between the BMW oem window trim and Victoria Secret underwear. They both are good when new, but they are expensive. So back then, this was one of our first goodies. We digged out few, various … Continued

The “unSTOCKable” dailies. Or how being pistonhead turns to be lifetime curse.

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I bet at some point in your life,  you have been in my shoes, tellin yourself “Yeah.I need new daily, but just daily, ain’t gonna spend single dime on it, except for maintenance expenses” and then months later you ended up … Continued

I’ll just leave this here

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Just as we were admiring how neat our shirts were looking on us it struck us – what if they are shit ? What if they are not durable enough and go crappy in no time. Something had to be … Continued

That shirt tho… -pt.3

You know, sometimes a person is perfectly happy with his life, until that very moment when he realises what he has been missing out all of that time. Oh well – meet Paulina. . .   uhm… aand check out … Continued

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