The Motronic 1 stunt double. FAQ!

What is this?
This is a plug and play ECU – this means that it uses your existing wiring and needs a couple of new sensors to work – we can provide those.

What is the point of it?
This ECU enables full tuneability of fuel and timing maps, while losing the restrictive air flow meter, thus you can benefit fully the new higher quality fuels with your N/A or easily turbo/supercharge it.

What benefits can I expect?
The improvement in a stock N/A car is about 9 percent, our dyno tests have shown the following:
+29 Nm gain
+17 Hp gain
Overall higher torque curve, better responce and driveability – the car drives noticeably more lively.
Possible better fuel economy.

Supercharging can provide vastly greater gains with the hardest part of the conversion covered by our ECU.

What cars will this work with ?
This will work with all Motronic 1 vehicles using a 35 pin plug/harness, in other words M30B34 and other m30s – to confirm 100% compatibility the best way is to check your wiring loom against the following pinout:

1. Ignition Coil
2. TPS in
3. TPS 5v.
8. RPM sensor-(shield)
13. Coolant Temp sensor
14. Inj 1,2,3
15. Inj 4,5,6
16. GND
17. GND
19. GND
20. Fuel Pump relay control
21. Tacho OUT
22. Air Temp sensor
24. Lambda/wideband input
25. GND
26. GND
27. RPM sensor+
29. A/C Input
31. Oxigen Sensor Heater Relay
33. Extend idle motor
34. Retract idle motor
35. +12v with ignition ON ( kl 15 )!

The following ECU part numbers have been substituted and tested to work:
0 261 200 061 / 1 288 138.9
Also the pinout is the same as the 059 DME ecu, thus it is most likely suited for the US M30B34 versions.

What additional sensors will I need for this to work ?
Crankshaft pulley damper trigger wheel  and sensor;
Throttle position sensor – optional, but highly recommended;
Air temperature sensor;
-Wideband sensor and gauge – optional;

All of the above we can provide as a kit for an easy convertion.
All of the above are witha pretty straight forward installation except for the following:
Two of the pins for the TPS connector need to be interchanged;
The pulley damper trigger wheel needs to be placed according to the engine’s TDC of cyl.1 and after that ignition advance deviation calibrated within the software.
For the air temperature sensor a number of solutions are possible, but a 5->2 pin adapter wire might be needed to retain full reversibility.

Will there be a need for any additional tuning after the installation?
We provide a base tune file from our work with a m30b34 high compression engine, refined at streed conditions and optimised on the dyno – it is up to you to improve it further to suit your engine and preferences.
We also collect a library of our clients tunes so everyone can benefit of the experience of others.

What warranty does the ECU have ?
We give you a standard one year international guarantee, that includes repair or exchange of damaged units.
Terms and conditions may apply for specific types of damage.

What will I need to connect and tune the ECU with my PC?
The board uses an RS232->USB interface, you will need a windows PC with a USB port.
Drivers and software will be provided. The RS232 interface can be provided too if need be.

Can I wire a boost controller?
Yes, the board has programmable output pins, that can be used to govern a boost control solenoid or a fan relay for example.

Can I use high impedance injectors?

Yes, you can go as low as 2ohm injectors.
We can provide the following options for your supercharging:
-Bosch 0 280 156 063 ~ 346.8 cc/min fuel injectors – set of six
-Siemens DEKA 630CC/min fuel injector – set of six

Is there a wideband sensor input?
Yes, it uses the same pin the stock lambda sensor signal goes in. It’s signal can be used for autotune and short term mixture corrections /EGO control//

Will I be able to revert back to my Motronic ECU?
Yes, returning to your old system takes less than five minutes.