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М30 Air flow meter delete pipe / temp sensor


When you go standalone you’d want to ditch the barn door AFM and go for something more free flowing.
This is a plug and play replacement of your no longer needed sensor, modeled after it’s dimensions and two different diameter input and output flanges,  made out of aluminium.
Here are some of our product’s advantages:

– More reliable
– Simpler
– No servicing
– Lighter
– Flow like a white rapper


That would also be a nice place to put an intake air temp sensor – we can provide the following:

IAT sensor by Bosch – part number 0 280 130 060, replaces BMW OEM part with number 13 62 1 718 736 and 13 62 1 725 323.

Nice and long, to get into the stream and have less heat sink i.e. deviating readings.
Compatible with 2 pin junior timer connectors (injector connectors)

You can pick a combination  of the two (AFM delete pipe with a welded thread bung + sensor) or just one of the shown above from the drop down menu.