Just mounting my skid plate

Although it’s a pretty straight forward process, I thought it would shed some light on the product we’re preparing and the works of it. Have in mind, that this is just a beta – improvement points are already marked and the final version is coming up.


The main protagonist:


His sidekicks:IMG_3329 IMG_3334

Add standard elements:IMG_3351 IMG_3365

Not alot of tools needed:

13mm Wrench
1/4 Ratchet
13mm Socket
10mm Socket
10mm Long T bar


First stop is the rear rubber mounts, nut and washer can be easily inserted through the neighbouring opening.IMG_3375 IMG_3385 IMG_3391 IMG_3397

Side supports attach with two 6mm nuts and longitudinally adjustable slots: IMG_3399IMG_3400

Front and side mounting points, ready for docking:



Front mounting point – these posts are usually subject to collisions and on most vehicles are bent in a random direction – our underbody plate is designed to easily compensate for any deformations, but sometimes a fine adjustments can be done with a rubber/wooden mallet.


A transmission stand or a beer consuming buddy can come handy at some point:


Rear lines up fine:IMG_3418

Sides are pretty straight forward:IMG_3427

Checking oil pan clearance:IMG_3490


And the final result:IMG_3442IMG_3444IMG_3439IMG_3509


Kind regards,
The Goodies team!