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“The turbocharged BMW M12 engine— used in the Formula One racing— was based on the M10 engine block and produced up to 1,400 PS (1,030 kW) in qualifying trim.”*

We are extremely proud and happy to revive a turbo era legend, with one of our favorite designs so far.

Well, finding a 1400hp capable head may be a bit hard, but slapping a blower to your trusty ol’ fourbanger has become as easy as pie. We’ve been trying hard to adhere to the shape of the original 2002turbo manifold**, so it will be right at home with your sleeper – be it a 02 serie, e21, e30 or e28, everything looking like it came this way from the factory.

While inline sixes are cool, the option to boost the lighter engine and keep things legal is sometimes preferable than going for the swap. Yes, you can have the webbers and curly headers, but you can bet you’re a*s, that bang for buck doubling/or tripling/ the intake pressure will yield greater number of horses to the wheels /also smiles per hour or near-death experiences/.

With hundreds of manifolds sold all over the world, we can proudly say that our products are built to last and won’t need to be re-welded like most chinesium options on the market.


The Manifold features:

T3 Twin scroll flange for the Turbo

38mm wastegate flange

Blanking flange and gasket for the gate flange with every unit



*source – Wikipedia.

** 11621259595