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“The everything” Hydrobooster complete rebuild kit.


The e28goodies complete hydrobooster rebuild kit includes everything that you need to do the job by yourself at home.
It doesn’t require any modifications of the old parts, it’s designed to replace the old stuff by using some common tools.
We’re working over our diy and it will be linked here very shortly.

The Kit includes :

1 x Machined plastic insert with integrated washer,o-ring and oil seal, replacing the original plastic cup and metal washer.
1 x Anodized stainless steel 10mm shaft, replacing the original 8mm shaft.
2 x o-rings for the main piston.
2 x teflon rings for the main piston.
3 x o-rings for the internal piston parts
1 x gasket
1 x o-ring for the pedal side of the rod
1 x teflon ring for the pedal side of the rod
1 x machined bolt replacing the oem grub screw.
1 x assembling tool set


Make sure to check out our >>blog post<< regarding the repair procedure

We take no responsibility or liability for the repair of your hydrobooster.
Any damages that may occur are on your own risk.

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