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M30/S38 oil cooling kit


Having the oil filter body with cooler outlets is just the beginning and collecting all these pokemons can be confusing indeed. The nipples on the M30/S38 oil filter housing have a somewhat rare combo of metric thread and 60 deg. sealing cone, but we have just what’s needed.

Also it is our oppinion, that going with the colourful blue and red anodised aluminum AN connectors is somewhat of a compromise as vibration induced metal fatigue can lead to catastriohuc failures. Not to mention their price is higher and aluminum thread can be easily damaged.
The kit features:
-2 90 degrees steel elbows for the oil filter;
-2 90 degrees steel elbows with AN standard connection;
-Steel oil cooler with the option for 7, 10 or 13 rows.

All of the fittings can be crimped using a hose with internal diameter of 12mm.
We can provide also steel braided teflon hose good for up to 160 degrees of oil temperature.
Please note that this kit is suitable for the old style oil filter with the canister pointing downward.

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