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Rear interior blinds [Katana Blinds]


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Well we’ve seen it before, it’s not anything new. But ripping people of for blinds with profile not even close to the shape of the rear window did not impress us at all. Also just sticking a pointy stick at the upper seal does not exactly work too.

Here is what you get with us:

  • laser cut blinds made out of plywood – every set is made with precision and guaranteed repeatability;
  • stainless steel fastening elements that fit between the upper window seal and the window pane;
  • adjustable upper fasteners – once you fully extend the upper fasteners the blinds get crimped in a way that no other measures need to be taken and will have no rattle or unwanted movement;
  • your set will come untreated, so you can use natural or dark finish if you want to stand out or to have as little reflections in the rear window as possible;
  • possibly the most reaonable price out there.

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Also known as:
Rear window sun diffuser
Eighties Shadies
Artesian window baffle
Venetian louvers
Shark Shade
Slim Shaders