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VDO -1 to 1.5 Bar boost pressure gauge


Every turbo engine is better off with a boost gauge, not only for the coolness of it, but for keeping an eye on proper boost control too.
No matter if a self governing turbo or ECU controlled one – if something fails and your turbo overboosts, it can selfdestruct, but also do catastrophic damage on a boosted gasoline engine.
The VDO gauges feel right at home in the e28 interior – not too flashy, not too dull!

Nicely lit with amber glowing needle (unlike the chinese options that are worthless in the night).
Perfectly dampened pointer movement.
The green bulb cap can be removed for neutral lighting, or an amber bulb WY5W can be used for a close match to the stock e28 cluster illumination.
Check out the photos.