Clear lenses installation /DIY + video/

Few months back we announced our ambitions about making plastic fog lenses replacements AND clear turn lights.
And the moment came. Oh you probably know that feeling when you work your ass off and then things just happen smoothly as f*ck.

So we, launched our first set of transparent turn signals (Yeah, front and rear) and we needed a test fit.
And we thought what will be more legitimate for easy installation than making time lapse while making the diy while we’re actually fitting the first set.
Easy and simple procedure done in aprox. 40 minutes.

So what you will need :



The first thing you need to do is taking off your current tail lights.
Each side holds to the chassis via 8 x 8mm nuts (Sorry for the mess, we took a photo on a donor car)


We already got a prepared for the intervention set of taillights.


Carefully cover the chrome around the turn signals with the tape.


Hammer time. Seriously, during development of this goodie we’ve disassembled few sets of tail lights and there is just no way to get this thing off as a whole piece without damaging something else.

6 7

Make few holes, so you can reach with the pliers and start breaking the amber lense apart.

8 9

Use a small flat screwdriver as a lever to crack the sides.


Take your time. Everything should be nice and clean.

11 12

Here is the hard part.
The edge just next to the  taillight curve is really really thin. You need to clean this part really carefully and as deep as you can.


Use the power tool if needed.


We left some extra border on our lenses, but most likely it need to be shred down with the Dremel, so it could fit.



Do not take off too much of it at once. Just little bit, have a try and repeat untill it match perfectly.

18 19 17

Then have a look at the edge with the reverse light. Gap should be same as oem one. And levels should be even.

Grab a rag and a degreaser and clean the side walls. Rub hard. For the narrower areas wrap the rag around the screwdriver.

Apply the silicone sealant and spread it with a finger all over the walls (use gloves).


Now that’s optional. I just wanted to make sure the gap is sealed pretty good, so i poured some sealer on it and stuff it inside with the scrapper.
If you are going to do this, do it while the tape is still there. You don’t want any sealer over the chrome.
The leftovers over the lense edge can be cleaned with an ease just by scrubbing them with soap and sponge once the sealer is dry.

24 25 26

Install the already modified lense. If there is a drop down somewhere, use the flat driver to adjust it correctly.
Different sealers got different drying time, but let’s say leave it for 24 hours. Repeat the same with the other tail light.


Once they’re dry, have a look on the taillight gasket.
If they look like this, you should probably replace them with brand new (luckily we have those) or some leakage may occur (if already not) in the trunk.




This is how tail lights should look like by the end of the day.

DSC_0251 DSC_0253 DSC_0262

Needless to say the installation of the front turn signal lenses is piece of cake.
Just remove the 3 screws, install the new one and put them back.

The final result :