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Clear turn signal lenses – front and back! (EURO) #Freeshipping


Marilyn Monroe might have told you that some like it hot.
As far as we know – some like them clear and they like them a lot.
And if this is the case, if the mismatching orange sections ruin the perfect e28 look for you – then please read further!

Our reproduction of original front and rear turn signal lenses will give you an updated and clean OEM vision without the boy-racer aura. They are a high quality resin casts and will work just as good or even better than what your vehicle came out of the factory with. Forget about painted over lenses that hardly let any light out.

Fronts – they are a direct fit for your stock euro turn signals – not much to explain here.

The front set includes:
-two clear lenses
-two yellow bulbs 21w
-set of stainless screws (old ones have usually turned into iron oxide)

*upon customer request we can provide front reflector bodies, but unless otherwise stated these will not be included


Rears – these require some DIY-ing, a couple of tools and substances. Make sure to read the DIY and watch the timelapse video of the installation. Rears will fit US market models too.

The rear set includes:

-two clear lenses
-two yellow bulbs



The full set features both of the above.



Clear fender turn indicators will be provided soon, in order to match a full set.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if something is still not clear about this product!

NB! – Free worldwide shipping!

Dear customers, please note that while this item can be produced in unlimited quantities, it is made to order and each and every order takes certain time to execute, thus shipping period may vary from ‘next Tuesday shipping’ to a couple of weeks, depending on how much sets have been queued for manufacture.
Thank you for your patience!
Also note that rear lenses may become deformed during storage or transit and may be bent out of shape, that can be compensated by applying pressure in the opposite direction for a while, untill they settle.

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