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Driveshaft center mount bearing. [Reinforced]


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If you are experiencing vibrations  between 2 and 5k RPM, you will probably got a bad center support bearing.
Also. If you already moved to V8 swap, or pumped inline six, you are just about to experience this vibrations.

With the time, rubber is aging, cracking and weakens. And that’s bad for your driveline.
Not only for the bad feeling while accelerating, also because it’s warping the gearbox and differential flange seals, which causes leaking and troubles.

Also swapping a LOCO engine or building a mad turbocharged project WILL trash the stock support even if it’s brand new, since the oem rubber diaphragm is really thin and it takes lot of stress even with a standart motor.

And here is our reinforced center support. Made from thick industrial rubber and grooved from the side, so it can damp the vibrations. With a brand new german bearing, this thing could outlast the car.