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[SET] LSD friction & outer discs.


The self locking differential is using those to achieve 25% lock in it’s stock form.
Аs the years go by and miles pile up, these discs wear out providing less and less friction, which results in less locking ability untill the point when your LSD starts to act just like a casual open differential. We are offering a set of two high quality LSD friction disks (#6) and 2  outer discs (#5) all made in Europe, all tested and proven in action.



All BMW diffs up to 1998 are using those, which makes them compatible with ALL е23, e24,е28,е30,е34,е31,е36 and z3. 
Just let us know what diff you are running, Typ188 or Typ210. (typ168s upon special request)
If you are not sure – drop us an e-mail. We’ll be glad to figgure this out for you.

If you already have the symptoms, don’t wait untill is too late.
This set is available on ebay for more than $200, and most of the respected online shops are selling only the friction plates for about $75 each.
The OEM made by ZF = NLA.
As always we are puting the cards on the table, offering the best price on the market.
And guess what – they are with worldwide free shipping. Get your set today.