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Leather upholstered dashboard


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Have you ever wished your dash wasn’t cracked AF?
Too bad, that even if you get a crackless dash there is no guarantee it’s not going to split in half in less than a year or two.

Here is our solution to this very common issue – an exquisitely stitched artificial leather dashboard.
If you were afraid it wouldn’t turn out as expected or it is too expensive to make, then you can check out what you pay for before you commit to it.

Awesomely tailored to fit, our solution to a complex task of navigating the storage space above the glove box is to reduce its depth, so one piece of leather will assume the shape without any stress or stretching, thus keeping the clean look, original shape and functionality.

Well, a lot can be written about it, but it’s best to check out the pictures (each worth at least a thousand words) and decide if this is to be your new dash.

More info in our blog post: