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Service indicator -> Shift light conversion board! -=Free Shipping=-

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Well, I have a thing for hidden upgrades on a stock interior/exterior – like the bluetooth 1982 Philips radio, the hidden amp and big speakers under small covers – little bits of tech you can’t really see on a first glance. On that train of thought we have this – the SI delete/shift indicator.
As you may know 12 out of 10 service indicator boards do not work properly, are faulty or have acid spewing batteries that can ruin the rest of your instrument cluster. For quite some time I’ve been driving with the service indicator disabled and most of it discarded, and to be honest I don’t think I’ve been missing out on much. On the other hand the shift light indicator is something that can one can benefit from every day and a big portion of the time spent in the vehicle.
Weather you would like to use it for an economy reminder or a drag strip aid – it is up to you. They say excessive revs will kill your engine faster than say a bar of boost, and by They I mean not some dudes subjective oppinion in a heated internet argument, but Corky Bell himself in his book – Maximum Boost /pretty good read btw/.

Maybe all of the above is TLDR, so here are it’s major quirks and features:
– adjustable rpm range – you can pick when the LED sections will light up, by simply turning a potentiometer.
– easy install – no need to break, glue or modify anything – the board sits in place of your old SI PCB
– uses power supply and signal from the instrument cluster’s circuits – all you have to do is solder three wires and reassemble.

NB! – will not work with late style instrumetnt clusters (check the installation guide for reference)

DIY installation guide is available in our blog section!

Free worldwide shipping!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

See it in action!

P.S – turning the potentiometer clockwise will make the indicator activate later. Potentiometer’s end stops are indicated with a rather silent clicking sound. Pot’s operating range is about 30 turns.

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