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M50/M52/M54 or.. S50/S52/S54 engine mounts for your e28 – Stainless!


Well, many of us like our cars to be as original as possible, but then there is that other bunch, who admire the benefits of a bit more modern engine in an youngtimer’s body.
What’s it gonna be? A smooth M52b28 or a 343hp Naturally aspirated S54B32, screaming at 7900 Rpm ?
No matter what, things just got a lot easier with our plug and play engine mounts.

Laser cut, precision bent and TIG welded stainless steel with more than enough strength to cope with your big turbo dreams.
The default surface finish is electrochemical polished staniless.
Powdercoat paint or sandblasted finish can be applied upon a special request.
Make sure to check out our swap thread in the blog section for more details on how we dealt with all the tricky stuff.

Also note that while we do our best to keep this product always in stock, due to uneven demand it is possible to be a time gap of 2-3 weeks for fabrication, between separate batches.

The engine mounts are designed to work with the stock M20 and M30 rubber bushings with offset pins.

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