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m50 front sump oil pan + accessories


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If you’re going on the 24v swap path, sooner or later you will figure out that the rear sump oil pan isn’t working for you, no matter if you’re doing an e28, e24 or e30 conversion.
This is oem and also the easiest and the most preferable solution for the oil pan issue.

This kit is absolutely bolt on to any m50, m50TU (Vanos),  m52, m52tu, m54, s50, s52, s54 engine (no matter of the displacement) and it allows straight fit to any of the listed engines into your e28 by using the e28goodies 24v swap mounts .

The kit includes :

– Oil pan out of a parted e34 originally equipped with m50 engine ( 11131740346, 11131740340, 11131722829 )
– Oil pan drain plug ( 11131273093 )
– Oil pan oil level sensor cover lid ( 11131726357 )
– Dipstick ( 11431720875 )
– Dipstick guide tube ( 11431730044, 11431735280, 11431738169 )
– Oil pump suction pipe ( 11411748150 )