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Custom lowering & stiffening springs


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It seems everybody asks for coilovers nowadays, but no reasonable solution regarding price, quality and reliabilty is in sight. Who wants welds on their wheel hub assembly with strength and straightness that bring any hint of suspicion?

That is why e28goodies went ahead with creating the perfect solution – lower + harder coil springs made to customer specification.

By dialing in the desired spring rate and height reduction you can acheive that perfect stance for your swapped vehicle or ideal handling for your daily/weekend use. Lowering the car with 40mm on the front and 15mm on the back (Basic setup)

No spring cutting;

No rat tuning;

No 30 year old ‘sport’ springs (check metal fatigue).

TÜV approved. Made in EU.

Don’t hesitate to discuss with us what is best for your setup

In the gallery you can check out how a m52 swapped vehicle looks like on m535 mtech springs, and how it looks after the new adequate springs were installed. (Tyres used are 215/55/16)