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Refreshed set of euro headlights

€415.00 €389.00

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Exelent replacement if you recently crashed.
Also the best upgrade for everyone living in the USA and living the american dream ( owning e28 and cheap gas )

Why you need this ?
We already know you use sealed lights.
You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life.
With the EU heads you can use whatever brand and color  bulbs you want.
(h4 for low beams and h1 for high beams)
And they WILL light better and last longer than sealed lights.
You can even use HID bulbs.
(Don’t. Reflector headlights doens’t have been engeneered for this.)

Besides EU e28s looks sexy with those. Bigger lows, smaller highs.
“I like e28 because it looks like e30 on the front” said no man ever.

What are included in the set ?

– 2 x metal frames
– 4 x  headlights – 2 for lowbeams and 2 for highbeams
– 4 x  polished rings
– Bulb sockets and metal bracelets holding them to the lights.
– Adjusting screws
– Clips for the adjusting screws
– Connectors with few inches of wires (not necessarily)
– Rubber boots for the connectors (not necessarily) 
– Bulb socket for the parking lights (not necessarily)
– The plastic grills that surrounds the headlights are not included.

This is previously used headlights, not barn find brand news in original boxes and  they are refreshed,not refurbished