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Wooden Gear shift knob with tartan fabric covering


An exquisit combination of a wooden knob and tartan covering for added hipster experience or just a finishing touch to a clean and stock interior. Pick your favourite or most suiting colour combination. All hand made in the EU.
Don’t hesitate to ask about something you don’t see here!


Be advised, that knobs are hand made and slight variations in shape and texture are possible. They rely on a tight fit, that is enough for normal operation, but frequent removal and reinstallation might make them somewhat loose.
The covering does not include the plastic bracket in the base, instead of that you can use your old plastic bracket to crimp the covering to your center console. If you however need a bracket please contact us so we will supply you with one for an additional charge. 
When ordering your combination please make sure to mark the number of the preferred fabric/leather  i.e.type 2 or type 5 in the “Order Notes” field in the checkout section.