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Coilover adjustment spanner set – [deluxe]


I am sure if you are browsing this, you probably already have the ‘default’ thin metal wrenches laying around – we’ve had our fair share of using them and said to ourselves, “why do they have to be so shitty, is this communism all over again? Why should the thing that you actually interact with in your suspension be made the cheapest and nastiest way?”

Well there it is – maybe it’s not the best out there, but we are quite fond of it.
Here are some details of our product:

-Walnut handmade handle;
-Leather strap;
-6mm thick, C45 steel “business end’;
-Zink coating;
-Fits 80mm coilover nut;

Price is for a set of two.

And last, but not least – #freeshipping