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>>PRESALE<< M20 T3 Twin scroll turbo manifold - cast iron

€425.00€494.00 €335.00€404.00

What you see on the product photos is our testbed e30 body with the 3D printed mockup of our upcoming T3 twinscroll cast iron manifold. Now is the time to get first in line and get yours at a bargain price – preorder will be active for 25 units, with the first cast and machined manifold being dispatched by the end of March 2022 or sooner.

We are very stocked on how the final design turned out regarding runner shape and length, turbo placement and weight  as low as under 6kg.

Will fit  e28, e12, e30 and e34 bodies, e21 is yet to be confirmed.
Even in the e30 you’ll get plenty of space for a big snail and downpipe.

It features a divided external wastegate flange to which we provide a weld-on metal plate or an additional 90 degree relocation adapter, the gate opening is 50mm in diameter and allows bigger WG for lower boost pressures if needed.



While the M20 variants may feel a bit underpowered in the e28 body, it is indeed a smooth running engine with great potential, especially if you’ve got a bigger displacement and low compression ratio one with the right cylinder head. No matter of the displacement though, 300 crank horse power will be in easy reach, and much more if needed. Our manifolds have been proven in hundreds of projects around the globe to be a reliable way to boost your old school love or racing body with minimum hassle. Claim yours today!