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Stainless aggregate protection skid plate for M30 and M20


Have you ever hit your oil pan?

It sucks, I know it, because I’ve done it five times already, and the car wasn’t even that low. At some point you notice a black trace behind your car, someone shouts at you or worse – the low pressure indicator lights up, and every time you wonder just how much damage have the internals suffered .
If you live in a country where driving on the moon would be less bumpy than on the average road surface – this might be of interest for you.
If your car is low enough that you must regularly stop and clean up the front spoiler from accumulated leaves and twigs in the autumn – this might be of interest for you too.

Check out the pictures and get back for some of the specs:

– 2.5mm thick stainless steel
– weight is at 8.6 kg – just as much as the original protection grill
– mounts at the front consoles, the the engine bay beams and the front axle support member
– includes all the fastening elements
– oil drain service opening for easy access

For a more detailed look at installation and the works of it – visit the beta version blog post.

Please note, that not all cars have the threaded rods on the engine bay side beams, thus rivet nuts are supplied if you’d want to benefit of the full rigidity of our product.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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