BMW e21 M50/M52/M54 engine mounts

€269.00 €239.00

What would be the best engine swap for an e21? An engine that is light and powerful, not too complex and reliable. Seems like a no brainer then – the aluminum block 24v engines have the same cylinder spacing as the m20 (originally found in e21s) and weigh even less. They have a wide power range thanks to the VANOS system, run silky smooth and pack a punch.
What we’ve seen on the market are very poorly engineered solutions to swap a 24 valver.

That is why we developed this set of engine support arms that allow you to drop a modern power plant in a M10 subframed 3er.
Our build used one of the largest and strongest transmissions you could want – the ZF out of e39 528.
We supply two engine support arms and a transmission support beam.
Our kit allows enough clearance to use your stock brake vacuum booster.
The supports are laser cut and TIG welded, then powder coated in black.

– The swap requires e30 non offset bushings.
– Front sump from e34 is also required – it needs to be modified on its rear end to clear the subframe.

Let us know if you need any more info or photos.