What you see is a 3d printed version of our BMW m57 T3 Twin Scroll Manifold.

Manifold is test fitted in all chassis it came in (e46, e60 and etc) with big turbines like the Holset hx35/hx40, Garett gt40 and Borg sx-e366. Test fitting has been done to the most popular swaps as the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser and etc.

Flow and port size is optimized for high hp with superior spool time. 3 bolt wastegate flange corresponding to a 50mm wastegate surface area. All manifolds will come with a gasket, block flange if an internal wastegate turbo is used and a flange with a hole ready for 50×2 tube/bend to be welded on.

There will be available Wastegate Relocation Addon which will reduce interference issues in smaller chassis like the e30, and will leave the exhaust gasses divided until the wastegate itself.

NOTE: Preorder price is available for the first 10pcs.

Afterwards price will be back to normal.

All preorder manifolds will be shipped by the end of February 2022.