Mercedes M104 turbo manifold


What you see here is our newly developed manifold for the m104 engine.

It`s designed for the high end builders with big power gains in mind. Material grade and casting quality has been bumped giving you a superior sample for the best results in mind! – fits all m104 engines – t4 twin scroll flange (adaptors to t3 in stock) – high HP support with big runner diammeter – designed for up to 45psi of boost – Ni Resist material with superior anti rust qualities (check last photo for comparisson to our nudular iron manifolds) – 50mm outlet for the wastegate.

Block plate, gasket, bolts and plate with a hole to weld a v-band flange for your wastegate will be included in every package!


NOTE: Please note that warranty claims for cracked manifolds will not be honoured unless proof of sufficient bracing and support to the manifold is provided. Failing to install a flexible coupling on your downpipe will also void any warranty claims. Having photos of the forementioned measures before any failure is a good practice, mailing them to us is also welcome – this will ensure we will promptly proceed with handling any issues that may arise.